Ali Rashed (Phd Student)

Thesis Topic: Design of variable stiffness fiber-reinforced composites for maximum fundamental frequency and maximum critical buckling load criteria and their aerospace application (supported under TUBITAK grant no. 218M715)

Can Bayraktar (Masters Student)

Thesis Topic: Thermomechanical Finite Element model for Powder Bed Fusion – a metal 3D printing process (supported from Sabanci University Teaching Fellowship) 

Faraz Ganjdoust (Masters Student)

Thesis Topic: Development of a continuum damage model for fiber-reinforced composites and its application to Finite Element Models (supported under TUBITAK grant no. 217M211)

Kerem Dörtkaşlı (Masters student)

Thesis Topic: Thermal Finite Element modeling of Directed Energy Deposition – a metal 3D printing process (currently working at Turkish Engine Industry - TEI)

Mohammad Hasan Joudivand Sarand (PhD student)

Thesis Topic: Crystal plasticity finite element modeling of DP600 multi-phase steel: single crystal bcc model development, polycrystal RVE application, multi-phase steel modeling (supported under TUBITAK grant no. 118M285)

Ram Kumar Kesharwani (Post-Doctoral researcher)

Research Focus: Application of Crystal Plasticity Finite Element models for DP600 steel to metal forming applications (supported under TUBITAK grant no. 118M285)

Sina Khalilvandi Behrouzyar (PhD student)

Thesis Topic: Development of an efficient thermomechanical finite element process model, distortion correction methods, and application to an aerospace component (supported under TUBITAK grant no. 218M712)

Torkan Shafighfard (Masters student)

Thesis Topic: Design of variable stiffness composites using finite element method: method development, design of open hole geometries, and application to 3D polymer printing (supported from Sabanci University Teaching Fellowship)