M.Sc. Canset Mercan (Currently working at TEI-TUSAS)

Thesis Topic: A physics-based single crystal plasticity model for crystal orientation and length scale dependence of machining response.

M.Sc. Torkan Shafighfard

Thesis Topic: Design of variable stiffness composites using finite element method: method development, design of open hole geometries, and application to 3D polymer printing

M.Sc. Can Bayraktar (Currently working at FORD Otosan)

Thesis Topic: Thermomechanical Finite Element model for Powder Bed Fusion – a metal 3D printing process (Sabanci University Teaching Fellowship) 

M.Sc. Kerem Dörtkaşlı (Currently working at GE-Aviation)

Thesis Topic: Thermal Finite Element modeling of Directed Energy Deposition – a metal 3D printing process