Mechanics of Solids (MFG 512): syllabus (link to syllabus_MFG512.pdf)

Advanced Finite Element Method (MFG 513): syllabus (link to syllabus_MFG513.pdf)

Computer Aided Design (ENS 209): syllabus (link to syllabus_ENS209.pdf)

Computer Aided Engineering (ENS 309): syllabus (link to syllabus_ENS309.pdf)

Graduation Project Course (ENS491/2): some photos from graduation projects


Miniaturized glass fiber-reinforced leaf spring design, manufacturing, and testing.


Design, analysis, and manufacturing of a composite plastic material for a safety railing of a children’s playground.



Carbon fiber-reinforced composite wheel rim project


Carbon fiber-reinforced bicycle design and manufacturing


A hole drilling system design for residual stress measurements